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Message Subject dear jesus.... dear nobody.... dear god....dear horus...dear gaia.....dear all you motherfuckers chillin in the clouds
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
you came here knowing that you will not get any help (it's the law), so stfu and suffer, it's your own fault

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14335968

gee, thanks for THAT bit of news .... asshat
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5916429

all he is really implying..even though he is being a bit of an asshat...is that expectations isnt going to save oyu, expectations is born out of weakness and that just leads to suffering...the only way you are going to get out is by not having expectations and if that is born out of a fear, you jsut need to be a bad ass mofo, courageous/etc

thats just the way it is, I mean, if you really beleive in this reality then you shouldnt be so burdened, there is an afterlife.

if not knowinb gothers you, then you just have to have an indifferent perspective.

I went through the same process and what I found is that I cannot tie myself to expecations and outcomes...the only way is to be a tough ass mother/be indifferent

any possibility you dont like you just need to beat it into submission because otherwise its just going to haunt you like a homosexual ghost over and over again until you do.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 11685129

Thanks for a clearer interpretation of asshat comment. I didn't get the OP as crybaby, oh save my poor sorry ass, not at all. I feel it too, let's getthis shit going already, not in a saviour but up the frequency so it's more accessible to tap into, the frequency of higher intelligence that is that we all own and can access.

The utube talks about this, and hearing the message is better for some than reading it, dont get caught up in the AI menace here, please.

We don't want saved, we've BEEN doing that, we're asking for some serious updates to the systems we're working with. We'll get them, we are getting them even as we speak but under the radar. This is serious shit we're dealing with, don't underestimate it even now that the outcome is quite clear.
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