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Message Subject dear jesus.... dear nobody.... dear god....dear horus...dear gaia.....dear all you motherfuckers chillin in the clouds
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Exactly. Your indifference to our plight almost makes you complicit. What can the 1% of us that are awake really accomplish?? You stand by in space hoping that we will wake up yet they poison us secretly so there is no way we can wake up. They don't play fair. They kill the earth. Screw your universal laws of non-intervention. What about saving this planet from the attack that is happening.

Humans are not going to wake up. The people responsible, the ones who fell asleep on watch are dead and gone. You will allow the innocent children to be further destroyed? Further enslaved? Further mutated? When you could stop it so easily. Thanks for nothing.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4465195

there is will less than 1% awake. not even close. 1% looking together could accomplish something but even the ones away differ hugely in the awakeness so not much gets done. 0.0001% awake maybe

the plantary people must now undergo evacuation it seems to late to get them to do something.
 Quoting: Nobody in Particular

do something? hold a sign? preach on the street? plant a tree?
make themselves better people?

every single thing like such is met with huge resistance.
if i starting holding signs saying "Luci get the F out of here", how long until you suppose i get reset?

why can't the dark ones become neutralized? allow us to grow without hindrance?

we know we cannot without them as a catalyst, it's seemingly their unwilling, never ending job.

and the ones who are aware, see the game, and are learning to play it more efficiently.

so what would this something be you would recommend as a catalyst for change?

something so simple as loving your neighbors as you love yourself? (obviously)

it seems i may be reverting to picking on you, and this is true to some degree, but it's only because you still seemingly haven't presented alternatives. simply, too broken to fix, too stupid to even see the game, seems to come out between your words. yes, unfortunately, more often than not this is true... sigh...

the harvest is nearing, that's been confirmed by both sides.

it would seem, all there is left to do is to know thyself, and learn pertinent spiritual lessons while we still live.
and they are coming faster, as our awareness to comprehend them is also opening up, so to write.

my eyes are open. my heart yearns to be there as well.

you take care. i apologize if i have caused you any grief.

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