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Message Subject Monad to dyad transitions - a tail tale of fishes
Poster Handle just a dude
Post Content
Tympanum and Tara Brooch

The Romanesque tympanum of Vezelay Abbey, Burgundy, France:


To the left of Christ, the downtrodden.
Drawn is the negativity as air, light is the burden.

To the right of Christ, the cleansed.
Healed through the waters, cast without judgement, Love keeps no record.

Tara Brooch:


open root


fecondation/division of monad/pisces rising


Adam+Sophia - assembly+life

Communion with the elements (air/water)


All are chosen.


Part Deux

open root


rising fire/stoking grace/earth energies



Part Trois

pisces falling/draining the 'swamp'

open cup/gathering the Light




​light/spirit/seat of the pineal/unity/grace


Covenant sealed.

Communion with the universe


The Key to Art.
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