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Message Subject Monad to dyad transitions - a tail tale of fishes
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JAD, it would seem prudent to check the CO2 levels of your dwelling. May be nothing.. still it is good to check that out, best to error on the side of caution.

as per your post on the X thread.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31764476

thanks hf

just for good measure changed batteries in CO detector and aired out the place
 Quoting: just a dude

Watched a packet of energy drop out of a smoke detector and swerve across the room right into my chest, twice in two different places. Freaky
 Quoting: just a dude

not really, you had a heads up... maybe you forgot. good thing you changed your batteries. i don't always give everything to everyone... as it comes to me... but it seemed prudent from your post that i should mention it to you. i only gave back to you, what you said, just in different words.

i would think you would prefer packets of light, verses the opposite.

glad you are well.

have a great day, love your post on your other thread.

until we commune again.

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