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Message Subject Hi .... I'm an evil Alien race and I want control of your planet.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here something to consider ..! LoL

When the sun is on the opposite side of the globe and that makes the magnetic field more stable, for lower dimensional contact.

That's why they(Dark Force) don't do it during the day - prana prevents the lower astral planes from being contacted, hence the witching hour is always midnight.

When the sun sets, the lower amount of prana in the lower atmosphere allows entities trapped in walls, buildings and the earth to hover..!

the etheric dynamics of the Sun.

One burp from the Sun (CME) and this planet can be turned into a floating cinder. But He's Own our SIDE lolol

LoL AnyWay ..!

Because the Sun is the ultimate radionic symbol .... That's why the MAIN SYMBOL of Dark Forces, is the left-hand spinning spiral, the black sun, or Vril. In opposition. This is THEIR opposition. They have their symbols and WE HAVE OURS.


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