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Message Subject Hi .... I'm an evil Alien race and I want control of your planet.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have to go out soon so it is time for another clue, maybe when I get back someone will have guessed the answer.

What do clouds do?
 Quoting: Lamplite

There's many Type of Clouds..!

Some Clouds have reptilian Watchers in them RAPHA or Wraiths., over each center..chem clouds and the like(chemtrails).!

being brought up from the INNER EARTH by dark means, and using chemsoup to animate.

Gravlevs can be seen has CLOUD to..!

the chemsoup has a dark, primal consciousness to it. Can been USE for Blue Beam Project to ..! AnyWay..! that's another story ..!

Sylphs can be some of them(Cloud) to but those are on our side..!

AnyWay ..!

 Quoting: Yolgnu

That explains a lot and is pretty freaky. So this OP is just playing with us, until you guys clean house as you said? And if have love we are fine? What is the deal with the Bible, is it used to create fear?
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