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Message Subject Hi .... I'm an evil Alien race and I want control of your planet.
Poster Handle Lamplite
Post Content

OK the answer is the aliens in conjunction with the elite have been deliberately causing global dimming via forest fires, chem trails, pollution etc.

What this does is causes more ice to build up at the poles.

It is all lies that there is less ice, the elite have been telling you the exact opposite of what is going on.

Antarctica is getting bigger not smaller!

“72% of the Antarctic ice sheet is gaining 27 ± 29 gigatons per year.” To put this into perspective as it relates to global sea level, the authors indicate that this gain in mass is enough “to lower global sea levels by 0.08 mm year-1.” These results are very similar to the findings reported last year in Science magazine by Curt Davis and colleagues, who also used satellite altimetry measurements of Antarctica to calculate mass changes and estimated that over a similar period and found that snow and ice build-up of the Antarctic ice sheets contributed to a fall in sea level of about 0.12 mm per year.

[link to www.worldclimatereport.com]

The effect on the planet of ice building up at the poles is this ... it puts lots of weight on the ends of the Earth and causes pressures to build up on the plates and also changes the shape of the Earth. The more the ice builds up and the more weight is added, the more volcanic activity is generated as well as earthquakes.

All of this continues and gets faster and faster, the more ice, the more reflection and the more the ice builds up. At a certain point all of this is too much for the Earth and just like if you squeeze a tube of tooth paste, it will squirt out the end. The same thing happens to the Earth, she will let go and out will pour an enormous amount of volcanic material. We have already been seeing a lot of volcanic activity. Volcanoes that had slept for 9000 years woke up and went nuts.

This makes things worse because volcanoes are the worst polluters and will block the sun more than any attempt man might make at the job. Once a few big ones go off and the dimming is greatly increased, the ice builds up even faster, now it like a run away train, there is no stopping it.

This has been going on for 40 odd years. Globing dimming was first noticed in the 70's, now it is much, much worse, over 25% of the sun light that did reach the Earth in the 70's. no longer does.

All of this has been hidden because the sea has been warming via under water volcanoes and temporally warming the planet. Everything is about to go tits up however because a really big volcano is about to blow and then nothing will be the same again ... well not for a very long time anyway ...

Read more about this here ...

Thread: Super Volcano about to explode? .... "Lake Toba" ... MEGA DOOOOM ???

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