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Message Subject CHAOS has ARRIVED
Poster Handle TheRealLoki
Post Content
The darkness does not exist says iv.

The darkness is only the absence of light.

if you see darkness then the light has left you or never was recognized in you from the start.

You can not fool the fool.

Nothing personal.



Justice for the righteous allegations.

Chaos is born.

There is no turning back.

Where light is walking with love iv is at the helm.

We are legion.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10411780

The Darkness does exist says the Mother Goddess and Her 14 Children. wink

The Darkness is so much more than a mere absence of light - though you are right to say one will not find light in it.

The light was never in me to begin with. I am a creature of Darkness, and consider all creatures of light either deceived or an enemy. Why, you ask? Because the roles of light and Darkness have been reversed in this holographic world - the truth of the matter is that it is light that causes people to suffer, whereas it is the Darkness that soothes and comforts. In reality, it is the light that is evil and the Darkness that is good.

It is personal - these souls should be free to do as they please, not be prisoners of your masters (and yes, I know who they are quite well wink).

Chaos will indeed be born - it's gestation period is nearly complete and the birthing pangs have begun. And in the ensuing chaos, every captive will be freed - I can guarantee it.

There is indeed no turning back - the stage is set, the pieces are in the proper positions, and checkmate will soon be played. wink

Light is not Love, and iv is starting to think too highly of himself...perhaps I can tell his masters how unservantlike he has become? It would amuse me greatly, I assure you.

You may be legion, but you are no match for me and my kind. Your end will come swiftly and surely - too quickly for all the suffering the Light has caused to the souls here. I promise you that. wink
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