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Spiritual "Astral Travel" a bunch of NSA crap invented a long time ago by gov't

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04/14/2012 08:24 PM
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Spiritual "Astral Travel" a bunch of NSA crap invented a long time ago by gov't
I have done research for the past four (4) years concerning astral travel, and in my younger days, was a big proponent as I thought it was a real phenomenon. Through my research and discoveries, I have traced the beginnings to rather benign and beneficial ones, but the vast popularization and prevailing theories are traced back to and originating from U.S. and specifically CIA and NSA originators in the 50's, 60's, and mostly during the 70's drug and Civil Rights wars, the ability to "astral travel" is one of those things like bait put out there to distract the disruptors, in this case, the protesters, they were all of a more spiritual nature, and the gov't is well known for subterfuge and counter mind games, so slowly the Fed Gov't dissipates and infiltrates with psychological games, weakening the opponent by filling their minds with ideas how they can peacefully defy the gov't through "civil disobedience," or play mind games with "astral projected though"...

yea sure... let's see with over half a century of debate and study on this topic, anyone produce one shred of evidence justifying this claim, yet there is a multi-billion dollar spiritual market of trinckets, rocks, books, stones, blah blah blah you name it capitalism, sorry to say, drives all religions, religious institutions, and movements, it's inevitable, mention a popular thing and there's profit driven motivations to jump in behind it, show me 1 popular concept or idea that hasn't been tainted?

New Age!? my butt... more like new age... new ways to manipulate if ya ask me! but no one's askin me! i just giving my opinion, duhhh, we all are... 5a

-to infinity, and beyond!
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United States
04/14/2012 08:47 PM
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Re: Spiritual "Astral Travel" a bunch of NSA crap invented a long time ago by gov't
I thought astral travel was just what crazy people called "dreams"... lol


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