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Message Subject Suicide & Addiction - Man Saved From Hell By Jesus Christ!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I can appreciate people whom take the will of God and the way of Jesus to live their lives. Be careful, however, how you INTERPRET God and Jesus' words in the Bible. Alot of it is meant as a teaching tool, and not meant for you to live EACTLY as it is put. Much is simply a GUIDELINE on proper living and proper choices. I dont really have a problem with that kind of teaching. It is a choice, and folks could do worse. What I have a PROBLEM with, is when people start saying if you smoke weed, drink excessively or make mistakes in your life, you are going to hell. First thing this says to me, is that the God some of you are worshipping, allows free will, but with a price? Taste, but don't eat....touch, but do not possess.....I call bull. A God that is omnipotent, and creator of the Universe, does not have time to sweat the little things. Life is a choice, but God or Jesus would NOT put a child molester and a murderer in hell right beside an alcoholic or weed smoker...lol....I think that anyone whom believes this even to the smallest degree is brain-washed severely. What I am ALSO hearing, is that if you kill someone, and spend the rest of your life in jail, realize you have done a great wrong, and are truly sorry for it.....but dont ask for Jesus' forgiveness or accept him in your heart....you're going to hell. I think the lesson is to realize you have done a great wrong, and have true remorse about it right? No? It MUST include Jesus you say? I doubt this very very much. It would mean all the Buddists and Monks whom live life better than most Christians are going to hell...lol...really?

I spent a large part of my life growing up as a Catholic. What I found as I got older, was the majority of what I was being taught was bullshit and garbage. (In my opinion)** The most important things you need in your life are to help your fellow man and woman to the best of your ability...be the best human being you can, by spreading love and teaching this to the young. Be considerate and kind to as many people as you can, and have remorse in your heart when you make mistakes.

If there is a Hell, it will be a place where you are kept away from God.....not a place of eternal torment for your eternal soul, based on mistakes you have made in a small, finite existence on earth...lol...not likely, and some very small thinking.
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