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Message Subject Want to join the Illuminati? - Illuminatus training video
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Illuminati have come from out of the shadows somewhat, the truth about what they are about & what they do is rather more interesting & reassuring for certain people, not all.

You see, the disinformation surrounding them is slowly being filtered out, & it not in line with all the conspiracy theory crap that gets around. This exposes some of the bizarre crap that noted C.T. 'gurus' have peddled for years, making an absolute fortune.

Also, there now is a trend to pretend to bein league with the Illuminati, now that more is known about them. some of the delusional freaks jumping on the bandwagon is staggering. The page you have listed is one such enterprise.

More can be read about the real Illuminati with this book.

[link to www.smashwords.com]
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