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King James was a Mason and he joined forces with the Catholic Church, the "main office" of the Illuminati, to rewrite the Word

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04/15/2012 08:51 PM
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King James was a Mason and he joined forces with the Catholic Church, the "main office" of the Illuminati, to rewrite the Word
[link to www.sda-online.com]

King James was a Mason and he joined forces with the Catholic Church, the "main office" of the Illuminati, to rewrite the Word of God so that you and I would never have a clue about these children of Satan OR their plans. This bible came out in 1611, or there-abouts.

In the original release of the Bible there were two letters in the front of the book, the preface. One letter is still there, it is basically a letter praising King James....long live the King, etc,. The second letter was a letter "from the Interpreters to the Reader," and this letter basically states that you should not take this book word for word for two reasons:
Reason #1) Some of the words in the original manuscripts could not be translated into English, so the "best" interpretation was used (even though this "best" interpretation was lousy).

Reason #2) You should not take these words "at their value" because the Catholic Church was in charge of these "works" and the Catholics don't want you to know the truth about God's Word because it would expose them as the liars that they are (I'm paraphrasing). Folks, you have to know the truth befotre you can turn it into a lie.
In this letter from the Interpreters, they use language like this: the Catholics were afraid to bring their word to the touchstone because it would show their word to be false. Folks, a touchstone is a black siliceous stone used by gold miners. When a miner/prospector thought he had found gold, he would pull out a touchstone and 'scratch" his gold acroos this touchstone, and if it were truly gold then there would be a gold streak across this stone. if there was not a gold streak, then the miner knew that he had found "fools gold." And this is what the Interpreters called the Catholic religion....fools gold, a fake. Look this up yourself on-line...search "1611 Bible." It's in an old form of English and it can be hard to understand, but it's there.

In rewriting the Word of God, the Masons/Illuminati knew that they couldn't just rewrite the parts that tell us of Satan bringing his off-spring into this world to corrupt it. That would be too obvious. So they rewrote the entire book.

The Catholic Church also knew that they could not "trap" everybody with Catholicism, so they had bishops "branch out" and form other religions. Martin Luther was a bishop who went out to create The Lutheran Church. Ignatio De Loyola was a Catholic who went out to form the Jesuits and so on. Folks, 99% of the Churches out there are "false" churches...so be careful. Do you believe in The Rapture? Then I strongly urge you to do a web search of "Margaret MacDonald." This rapture theory is the most evil thing used to mislead Christians. Mararet, herself, said that her dream (which was used to create the Rapture Theory by a couple of priests) was an evil dream. But these two priests used it as a way to keep you from knowing the True Word. Of course you are going to read and hear others say things to the contrary, but don't be fooled.

The Masons/Illuminati have a long, long record of writing books that supposedly "prove" that the truth I speak of is a lie. When they argue a point you will see how they use statements like "so and so disproved your theories a long time ago." In other words, the Masons use these written "books of lies" as a "legal precedence" to try and debunk the truth, as well as debunk anyone telling the truth.

In researching the Masons and the Illuminati (and all other secret societies), you will find that in almost EVERY case, there were priests involved in the conception of that secret society, priests who are/were a member of a Catholic religion (Lutheran, Pentecostal, Jesuit, Baptist, etc).

Now people, listen up...so far the news has been bad..but there IS good news. You see, our God will not judge people for their sins IF THAT PERSON HASN'T REACHED THE " SPIRITUAL LEVEL" OF RESPONSIBILITY.
And folks, with what the churches are teaching today, NO-ONE can reach that level. I'm not saying you are free to go out and murder or kill or rape, I'm just saying that our Father is awesome, and you would know that what I say is true, if only you were taught the truth and not the lies of the church. I have no problem bringing my "understanding" to the touchstone. It's also stated in Romans, by Paul, that God, Himself, has blinded many people so that they cannot see the truth of His Word. God does this out of love, He does this so that He WON'T have to cause your soul to perish. I believe that he also does this in order to allow Satan and his children to "fullfill" the plan that they have been given. A plan that will cause the Masons/Illuminati to stumble and fall......right into the Pit.

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Anonymous Coward
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United States
04/21/2012 12:55 AM
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Re: King James was a Mason and he joined forces with the Catholic Church, the "main office" of the Illuminati, to rewrite the Word
The Masons and the Catholics are hiding a huge secret.

Yahushuah is the only name among men that saves, YAHUAH is God and His Word has been subtly changed into a different gospel, and its the Gospel of Jesus.

Do you know Yahushuah, so that He KNOWS you? because if you have accepted Jesus as your savior and have receive Jesus Spirit you are accepting and inviting a different spirit.

Jesus is the false Christ who would deceive even the elect if it were possible.

When translating from one language to another language the names never change.

When you go a forign country do they change your name at the border? of course not.

Why has Yahushuah's and His apostles names been changed but Satan, baal, and all the enemies names have not been changed???

Why does the Bible say that there is only one name, the power of the name, by the name of Jesus you are made whole... ????

Christians have been brainwashed into beleiving it doesnt matter, God knows my heart... ??? The bible says that the Heart is wicked and will lead you astray..

Christians have been deceived to Accept a false Christ who has a false gospel, and a deceiving spirit.

Think about all the scriptures that talk about many will come in His name claiming to be the Christ and they will deceive many. Who do you know that claims to be Christ that is deceiving many??? lots of prophets but virtually no one claiming to be Christ deceiving many... Sure there are a few wacko's claiming to be Christ but they arent deceiving many...

Christians are blind and will beleive anything there brainwashed pastor tells them.

Christians, wake up, Yahuah's Word has been changed to deceive you. The doctrines being preached are man made especially docrines about the end times. Wake up, its not going down the way you think. Completely different .

Take for instance, the last 7 years, many in the Christian churches know we are close but they have no idea that we entered into this period back in Oct. 2008 and that April 11th 2012 was the middel point.. But they will tell you the Temple hasnt been built, and the peace covenent hasnt happened, etc. etc. etc. They dont realize, these are all from false doctrines that arent ever going to happen.

April 11th was the middle point and Daniel ch 10:1 and 12 have been changed to remove the true meaning. There is a 21 day delay from April 11th till when Satan and his fallen Angels are going to be cast down to earth come May 2nd 2012, just a few days from now.

Here is a good one, not only is the KJV a perverted word, commissioned by a perverted King who was not only gay but a Mason to boot. Do some research as to who holds all the copy rights to all these Bibles and then do some research as to who these people are... People quite being deceived.

Why would God tell you there is only one name and then change His name??? If God didnt change His name then who did??? Take your blinders off folks, Satan changed the name and you might as well just call Him Satan because when you use the name jesu thats exactly what your doing...

And they will come to Him on that day and say Lord, Lord, we prophecied in YOUR NAME, we healed in YOUR NAME, we did mighty works in YOUR NAME and He says depart from me I NEVER KNEW YOU you worker of inequity...

Rebuke this false Christ Jesus, rebuke this false Jesus Spirit, and receive Yahushuah as your savior, pray, listen with beleive,and obey what ever His spirit tells you.

In just a few days this will be the most important thing for you to know

Yahushuah loves you