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The real risk with nuclear power

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1431121
04/16/2012 06:53 AM
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Re: The real risk with nuclear power
Nuclear power is not really safe at all. It's not supposed to be.

A lot of the plants are built on fault lines. And that's for a reason.
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And what is the reasoning behind this? Please clue me in on this as building a hazardous reactor on a fault line makes no sense.
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...but there they are, built nevertheless. Care to explain that logical fallacy?
One with The One

User ID: 14347585
United States
04/16/2012 11:55 AM
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Re: The real risk with nuclear power
From the perspective that the one is the many and the many are the one, that all things are interconnected and therefore one thing (uni-verse), look at what splitting the atom really was. The atom is like a micro world withing a macro world. To split and annihilate or destroy an atom is to destroy a world and therefore is the micro-seed or act sown that ultimately, over enough time, reaps the destruction of the macro world. That's wht John Oppenheimer said we have become death, the destroyer of worlds.

Mankind has chosed the path of destruction down the line, the path of killing one's perceived enemies. We kill people who oppose our interests; we exterminate insects and animals that we've deemed undesireable and troublesome; we develop and use weapons of mass destruction at the microbe level (anti-biotics = no- or against-life). Kill, kill, kill has been our approach to every problem we and our ingenious race has encountered.

We have become death, as we have completely ignored and thrown the commandment, "Thou shalt not kill" out the window and instead made killing our way of achieving our every goal. Kill the enemy, kill the weeds in our lawn, kill the bugs in our homes, kill the "bugs" that invade our bodies, kill, kill KILL has been the rule of mankind and still is the rule -- even when we see evidence of our undesireables growing stronger from what has not entirely wiped them out.

Death is the pale, fourth horseman of the apocalypse (Rev. 6:7-8), which comes after, as a direct consequence of, the second, fiery red horseman's taking of peace from the whole earth and make men slay each other. "To him was given a large sword" a weapon of mass destruction is a large sword. But, so is any weapons that can slay multiple people in one fell-swoop. So is a nuclear power plant that has the potential to poison and destroy life by accident.
i am

User ID: 14624404
04/18/2012 01:07 AM

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Re: The real risk with nuclear power
This Fukushima thing is bad. I don't think anyone is really understanding at a deep level just how bad it is. :-(
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