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Subject Question... Why does Israel and all her allies always want to go to war and control other people?
Poster Handle 1COR15:22
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What is so godly and enlightened about this behavior? Why do they pursue this agenda if god is on their side? Why can't they live peacefully among other nations? Why do they always seek to coerce and control through financial means? Why do they need to control the media so their version of the story is always told? Why are they so entrenched in all levels of government and bribe politicians? Why do they seek to control all forms of education? Why do they use the term antisemite for anyone that disagrees with them? Why do they promote the holocaust as if it is the only atrocity that has ever occured against people? Why do they get to have a nuke arsenal that is never inspected or documented? Why are they such cowards? Zionism is anti-human. Zionism is a curse on this planet. Zionism is death.
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