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Find your Mayan galactic signature.

Alien Technologist
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04/16/2012 11:16 PM

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Find your Mayan galactic signature.
Your Galactic Signature is your Password into Fourth-dimensional Time

260-Kin Tzolkin/Harmonic ModuleThe day you were born on the 13 Moon calendar is coded by your Galactic Signature. Your Galactic Signature is one of the 260 possibilities encoded in the Tzolkin/Harmonic Module.

By playing the role of your galactic signature, your allow yourself - your mind, body and spirit - to vibrate to that particular frequency and you broadcast it out to everyone around you. This is your gift to the world.

[link to www.lawoftime.org]


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No one has ever seen a perfect circle, nor a perfectly straight line, yet everyone knows what a circle and a straight line are.
Perceived circles or lines are not exactly circular or straight, and true circles and lines could never be detected since by definition they are sets of infinitely small points.