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Message Subject The hang out...
Poster Handle Dease
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hf Awe, I wish her the best! It must be hard for you. Mine is 3, and I'm already dreading it.
 Quoting: Dease

I am crying already this morning. I will be a basket case once we get her settled in this afternoon, and leave her there. verysadverysadverysad
 Quoting: tiger1

Like the first day of kindergarten all over for you tiger?...

Dease, enjoy the little things, you are very luckey.
The time goes by way to fast.
Too many people get frustrated and do not realize how special those moments are when a little one is so little.
 Quoting: Chrit

She started school at 3, Head Start Program. She was already reading, and doing things on her own. I didn't worry so much, because her 2nd oldest sister was going to the same school. Plus, we were literally down the street from the school, that close. She wanted to go to school so bad, had such a desire for learning, I couldn't hold her back until Kindergarten.

I was horrible most of the day. We had to go to the bank this morning so she could open up her own checking account for her scholarships and grants monies. She has thousands over and above what she needs for school, so she absolutely needed to open up her own account for the balance. This money is going to be her living expenses. She is very well covered, to say the least. I was crying at the bank, and then she started crying too. The poor lady at the bank started sniffling too.
Since my daughter is still a minor,(she skipped a grade), I had to sign for her account. She could have easily handled it on her own, but she is not going to be 18 until next year. The same at the college. I had to sign a permission slip for her to participate in the student activities this weekend.
I was holding it in pretty well, until it came time to leave. Then I lost it.verysadverysadverysad
 Quoting: tiger1

Awe, how sweet! It sounds like she's highly intelligent, and mature for her age. You've done good, Mom. hf
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