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Message Subject The hang out...
Poster Handle Psych
Post Content
I made up such a funny joke just now - sorry, Dutch thing...

Dat je dus nooit ergens hoort of leest dat Badr Hari echt heel goed is voor z'n moeder...

 Quoting: RoXY

Poor Hari Badr's mother... what did she ever do wrong to deserve such treatment and who is Hari and how bad of a chap is he anyways???
 Quoting: Imajicatus

He's a former K1 world champion - 2010 (?), and a notorious (viscious) loose canon.

His complete lack of (nessesary) discipline inside the ring mirrors his behaviour outside the ring.

Right now he's in jail, where he's been accused (six counts) of beating up people, - publicly, in clubs & bars - just because he can. In non of the cases he has beaten up someone who - not even by far - could match his fighting skills.

Mata Hari is not his mother but a famous Dutch spy from the beginning of the last century.
 Quoting: RoXY

It's very unfortunate really. If he didn't have such a short fuse, his potential would have been limitless.

The talent that guy possesses, it's incredible. One of the most spectacular fighters ever. Absolutely phenomenal.

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