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Message Subject The hang out...
Poster Handle Girl Genius
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Thanks for your concern, Tiger1 and Chrit. The kid was actually pretty innocuous but you never know. He was a slight surfer dude type with those goofy running shoes with the toes. Still, I made him follow us in his car and we drove over to a property we had in a neghboring town and mowed the lawn (I put him to work weeding, lol). Driving over to the restaurant, I said to my husband, "vegan", and sure enough he was. Still, I made it clear to my husband that we would part ways in town and under no circumstances was he coming back to the ranch.

I had to really put my foot down, but I was really annoyed that he would invite someone to camp at our ranch without conferring with me! And somebody who just shows up at your door - how weird is that? (Well, it has happened before, but still.)
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