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Message Subject The hang out...
Poster Handle tiger1
Post Content
My oldest daughter is getting her teeth extracted tomorrow morning at 9am. The office has no equipment to knock her out. They will numb her. All of her uppers and half of the bottom teeth have to go. They are supposed to give her immediate dentures. Tomorrow is going to be a rough day. :(
 Quoting: tiger1

How is your daughter doing? I hope everything went well.
 Quoting: Psych

This was really horrible. I swear they stuck her at least 50 times, I lost count after 15. Some of the teeth broke as the dentist was extracting them, and he had to drill them out. She got immediate dentures, as they took the impressions 2 weeks ago. She has to leave them in until she goes back to the dentist next tuesday.
I took her home from the dentist, and dropped off the prescription at Walmart. They told me they would be ready in less than an hour. So, 45 minutes after I get her home, I go back to Walmart to pick up her meds. When the numbing stuff wore off, I was at Walmart getting her prescriptions for the antibiotic and the pain killer. She called me while I was in line to pay. She was screaming and crying on the phone, telling me to hurry. The pain she is in is off the scale. I gave her a pain pill as soon as I walked in the door. It had no effect, so we gave her another one. She is only supposed to take one every 4 hours, but they wear off after less than 2 hours. After the pain pills finally kicked in, she decided to lay down and try to sleep. She had her head slightly elevated, but not enough. She bled all over the bed and herself. I am changing the gauze pads for her mouth very frequently, and it seems that the bleeding has finally subsided now.
She is in bed right now, 1 room away from me, crying and moaning in pain. She still has another hour before I can give her another pain pill. Her face is very swollen, but I did expect that. She had all of her upper teeth removed, and all the molars and the canines on the bottom.
Both of her sisters came by to check on her this afternoon. They tried to comfort her the best they could. This has not been an easy day. :(
 Quoting: tiger1

That is just heartbreaking.

I am pondering what to type because nothing I could say would even come close to how reading this made me feel, and I am sure it does not even come close to how you feel considering it is your daughter, your heart and soul, your baby.

I am not a parent so I can only try to imagine what you felt when you were at Walmart and you received her cry for help.

It all sounds so inhuman. I don't know what to say.

It is nighttime for you over there and I hope she (and you) will be able to get some sleep. I suppose it is much easier to control the pain with pain killers during the day as she will feel when it is time for the next one and to take into account the time it needs to kick in. When she is asleep she might not notice the build up of the pain until it wakes her up, then takes the pain killer and then have to wait before it finally kicks in.

When you read this I hope she feels a bit better.

I am thinking of you guys and I hope for a speedy recovery.

Much love.
 Quoting: Psych

Thank you ! She is better today. Still in pain and her face is so swollen, it looks like she has Mumps. Where they had to drill out a broken tooth on the bottom, looks like someone shoved a golfball in there.:( I got her to eat some pudding and chicken noodle soup. She had a hard time with the noodles, even though they are very soft. I told her she had to eat something, because the meds will make her sick on an empty stomach. She had a rough night last night. I gave her an additional pain pill a bit early, and she finally fell asleep about 1am. She was moaning and crying in pain until she finally fell asleep. Tomorrow afternoon, even though she looks like heck, one of her friends is going to take her out of the house for a couple of hours. I hope some of the swelling subsides by then.
I feel so bad for her. How I wish I could take all this away, and make things better immediately, but I know it is going to take a couple of weeks. :(
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