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Message Subject The hang out...
Poster Handle Chrit
Post Content

What's important to me I either print, or store on a 500 GB external hard disc, so in case anything happens to my laptop it's not the end of the world.

A well-known Dutch writer had his pc stolen a couple of years ago, with 200 pages of his new novel on it. And no, he didn't make a back-up...
 Quoting: RoXY

I do not have too much to save, so I put my "can't do withouts" on a flash drive.
 Quoting: tiger1

how big is it?
 Quoting: walt

32gb. I keep very little on my computer. A few pictures, some links, etc.
 Quoting: tiger1

I am the same way, I have nothing on my comp ever.
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