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Message Subject The hang out...
Poster Handle Psych
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Update on Daughter. She is feeling better. She is starting to eat regular food, but chopped up or smashed up. She went to the dentist yesterday morning. Her gums are healing up pretty good, and they adjusted her dentures. She has to go back next tuesday for another denture check, and for them to clean the 6 teeth she has left on the bottom.
 Quoting: tiger1

That is great news Tiger!

Apart from the physical part, how is she doing mentally? I can imagine this must have had a huge impact on her as I am almost certain it would have had an impact on mine.
 Quoting: Psych

She is depressed, but improving. At 31, she should not have had to go through this.
 Quoting: tiger1

I figured.

And I am glad she has the support of her family and friends. It is times like these when those who are and aren't there for her become apparent and will give her strength.

I might be projecting some of my own experiences over here...
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