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anti mason
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United States
04/17/2012 08:43 PM
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The mason's gave you christianity and the king james bible. It does not belong to GOD. Thats why all the prophets are reward with materialistic items. GOD does not reward. Scrifices in the bible is another. sign. Say no to the mason's and stay away from christianity and other religions. GOD never gave us a book. All books are from the Mason's leader the devil. THE US GOVERNMENT< STATE AND WORLD ORDERS ARE THE DEVILS> Any form of a order belong to the devil. THe Mason's Come out of their mouth to strike you when they are close. Otherwise they strike you from beath the bed at knight. Don't mstake them for GODs angel of death. The skull face spinal cord creator with wings belongs to GOD it is white, not black. any creator black belongs to the mason;s and the devil