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Subject Check out what I got in the mail today!! Google wants to track my internet usage!
Poster Handle BlankZ
Post Content
I received this letter from a company that goes by the name of Screenwise Select, they want me to participate in a study they claim is going to record my internet usage through a special modem they will be sending me upon accepting to participate in their study. This company goes by the name of GfK and say that they will be conducting this study on behalf of Google.

On top of all that, they send me a real $2 dollar bill (kinda bribing me in) and say how they will pay me $100.00 dollars the first month and $50 dollars every month after that! J

I find this extremely weird and what an invasion of privacy!!

I will take pictures of the letter and post them on a hosting site with links.

Also this J. Micheal Dennis, Ph.D seems to have signed the letter below... anyone have any dirt on this guy?

LINK: [link to www4.picturepush.com]
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