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Message Subject Check out what I got in the mail today!! Google wants to track my internet usage!
Poster Handle Anon1578
Post Content
It's completely legit. They send you the most expensive top of the line wireless router (retail value $400) and send you $150 just for installing it.

Every month they send you a check based upon your usage. The more information they receive, the bigger the check (up a certain amount).

It's simply a survey system that makes it easier for them to calculate data and advertising optimization. Google is asking this company to do the research for them so they can use this with their future products (i.e. Google TV). They're basically lining up to compete with apple and it's product Apple TV.

It's always good to be skeptical about "Free" money but some of you take it too seriously. What you don't realize is that most of you have Facebook accounts and facebook has been doing this since 2006. How do I know, you might ask? Look at the ads on your news feed. They are relevant to your "likes" and "dislikes" as well as your profile information. They have used what you've been looking at or your habits are and basing advertising around it.

In the long run, they're paying you because you're making them A LOT of money. The data they give up is how much time the average person (based on the information you give them about yourself i.e. hispanic, white, 22yr, 38yr, employed, etc.) watches tv and what they are watching and when to maximize revnues or adjust pricing for shows and ads.

It works, we've already made $500 from this in 2 months simply by clicking a button when I watch tv. And the devices they sent us are worth over $2,500 (3 Samsung Galaxy Players, one Cisco Wireless Router)that we keep after the survey. :) All for pushing a few buttons here and there. Fine by me if you ask :D :5a:
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