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Message Subject Barney Frank Turns On Obama - OBAMA CARE WAS A MISTAKE
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's funny how when the career is over, suddenly the true opinions of these people comes out.

One of the things I see covered in this article also was Frank's opinion of how people's behavior should be "incentivized". In other words, should the government encourage certains types of behavior with rewards, penalties, etc to steer the culture.

"To what extent do you think government should incentivize behavior? (interviewer question follow by Frank's response)

It depends on the behavior. One, it should ban behavior thatís destructive toward other people. Beyond that, if there are things that people can do that have great benefit beyond themselves and have some cost, I think you should incentivize them to do that. Not compel them, but help them economically to do it. But if itís behavior thatís seen as self-destructive individually, then I think the government should stay the hell out of it. I donít think we should ban smoking, drinking, marijuana, gambling, any of those things."

[link to nymag.com]
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