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Message Subject DMT, 2012, species wide brain damage, and ascension
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
so we've gotten a peek at the other reality...

we go through the pineal gland, should we assume trust of the gland?

the heaven of dmt is full of pirates, tricksters, wolves in sheeps clothing, which make this world seem tame and childish.

also, there is bliss and peace which is unknown inside this body, but do not be so hasty to assume that hyperspace is the end all be all.

we are experiencing the extremes, as to refine ourselves.

imo, first we came down through al the domains of etheric light as the universe expanded, then we lived our dramas and developed ourselves and the universe, the middle point of the journey is when one experiences the dense physicality, so that we may know what it's like first hand.

then, when we are truly balanced and left with no conflict at this stage, we move onto the next stage which we are ready for.

some zoom straight to the top, while others get stuck in dmt like hyperspaces as that is the level which is compatible.

hyperspace is a bigger pond of the same issues and same beauties, a fractal step higher, a wider spectrum of experience, do we take that tantilizing bait? Or do we continue our evolution beyond and inclusive of all dualities, becoming compatible with all heavens, all universes...

all I'm saying is it's quite possible to be persuaded and kept in hyperspace, titilated by non-physicality, and we can get stuck just as we begin the process of reintegration and winding it all up.
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