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Message Subject DMT, 2012, species wide brain damage, and ascension
Poster Handle goslamacamel
Post Content
when you smoke enough DMT with the right mindset and zeal, your "kundalini energy" (which is your gut-feeling, abstract, emotional source of concern, perhaps your "female side") will shoot up your spine, through your throat, and behind your eyes where psychological fireworks illuminate the space behind the eyes and makes the head completely hollow-feeling, upon contact with "shiva" which is your own awareness/consciousness. you become aware of a technicolor, bright, white point of light that is/has been pouring every thought you've ever had into your head. if you medidate well enough and have the right mental "stance" going into the trip, you can enter or be pulled into the seemingly infinite space inside the pure white light by human-looking humans. i was physically pulled into the white light by humans after snorting a lot of mescaline and smoking 4 enormous hits of DMT (between 60-100mg dose) out of a crackpipe attachment to a bubbler.

I smoked DMT more often than MJ for about 7 months while I was extracting it myself. and I smoked a lot of MJ :D

side effects include feeling psychically and electrically connected with everything around you, instant clearing of all chakra blocks, and a total defrag of the ego disk which causes all negative concern/anxiety about life to vanish and seem silly
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