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Message Subject DMT, 2012, species wide brain damage, and ascension
Poster Handle Ask Prot a question
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meditating correctly so you create your own DMT causing aastral trips is much more powerful and longer lasting then taking a DMT hit

and no my username is not a john travolta joke you homos that run glp are so perverted :ttb2::ttb:
 Quoting: assbackwards 4447804


how much experience do you even have with dmt?? Meditate on dmt and then get back to me..

So what would smoking dmt during an "sober" astral trip be then? Not as "powerful"? :-P

I've done 'astral projection' many times. it is NOT much like dmt. dmt is far far far far more intense. Astral projection is less like tryptamines and more like higher doses of beta-carbolines anyways.
I quoted "sober" because REGARDLESS of the method used, the chemical changes in the brain will be similar. Purists who stick up their noses at things like psychedelics and herald meditation as some end all be all tactic for self-evolution are totally oblivious to this fact. I love meditation..but these fools don't realize meditation alone isn't enough to turn around the state of the world.
see not a satguru god such as myself
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2126195

common sense the difference is a dmt hit you instantly feel it and are conscious and you can walk around only last 15 mins and for a beginner not satguru God such as yours truly a Dmt hit would seem way more powerful then stimulating your own dmt through mantra of breathe/thirdeyerant
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