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Message Subject DMT, 2012, species wide brain damage, and ascension
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
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Yes, drugs are a very enticing apparent shortcut; instead of doing the inner work, which will produce the DMT naturally, an external substance is used. The trouble is that while this was valid for the primitive tribes long ago in another epoch, it isn't suitable for man at his present stage of evolution.
It does give some experiences, but the user loses the ability to tell the true parts of it from the distortions. Witness Stuart Wilde. It retards your spiritual progress, and in your next incarnation, you have to go back and start again at the point before you took the drugs. It's a false copy of enlightenment.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1324229

IMO you're view is just dogmatic and very inaccurate with regards to the reality of the situation. First of all, all experience is mediated by drugs. We're all on them all the time. They are also in all of our food, and that plays a part in shaping our consciousness as well.

The idea that they are unnatural is ridiculous. They are MEDICINAL plants that have been verified by scientific research (not to mention thousands of years of shamanic exploration/medicinal use) to potentially have very thearapeutic uses for human beings. It depends on the individual and the context in which its taken.

This is not debatable anymore. There has been enough studies done that show things like ayahuasca is both physically and psychologically good for you. And that it even causes an upregulation of serotonin receptors (aka, brain growth).

No one is saying they are the key to enlightenment. This is a common misconception. They are plant allies, tools, catalysts whose beneficial potentials are left up to the individual.

And these "primitive tribes long ago" that you're talking about still exist today all over the world. Theres a reason almost all cultures have a shamanic tradition that utilizes a variety of techniques to alter consciousness- often psychedelic plants- and medicinal herbs in general.

The idea that society should just not use these unbelievably powerful, medicinal, and useful plant allies is ridiculous. Society is not going to meditate themselves into a higher state of consciousness. These plants have the potential to help us help ourselves. They help awaken people to their own actions and negativity. They catalyze an immense process of inner work and remove the veils that our conditioned minds impose between our awareness and the reality of our actions and the world. Most importantly, they can help open our hearts and convert all of this hate and anger and despair into compassion, love, and hope.

I'm not saying don't meditate and explore other spiritual technologies. I'm saying cast you're net widely, explore many things. You will get much further that way as opposed to just dogmatically sticking with this or that etc

Humble yourself to the point where you can admit that a plant can help you and then maybe we can have a more interesting conversation. A symbiotic relationship with plants existed for millions of years, why stop now.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24612352

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