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Message Subject DMT, 2012, species wide brain damage, and ascension
Poster Handle khoisansun
Post Content
I can only talk about my own experience.

I took ayahuasca with a shaman the first time and I found it uncomfortable.
I saw a lot of ego around the shamans and thus only had one dose.
I then started with the santo daime which is basically the Brazilian catholic church which uses ayahuasca as the sacrament. But unlike the shaman ceremonies where you lie down in a darkened space and head off into the unknown - with the daime it is about the collective effort and group work.
So one sings for 8 hours or dances for the same time. It really has changed my life profoundly for the postitive.
I mediate daily as well.

I tried changa once and went straight into an Alan Grey reality. Yet it was short lived, hit the body hard and apart from going where I have never been before - I did not feel enriched.
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