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Message Subject DMT, 2012, species wide brain damage, and ascension
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The serpent doesn't come in red suit and horns. He comes as an angel of light. He is a liar, for there is no truth to be found. Man in quest for spiritual experiences and thrills reverts to ancient paganism which is building that tower to the heavens without the Creator. People in drug induced and brain dead mind clearing meditation end up worshipping and glorifying themselves in the process. Throughout these 'testimonies' on this thread, this is obvious. It's all about "I" and what "I experienced". There is zero glory to your Creator and only obsession with these experiences. What is more than obvious is that it leads to an obsession with the self as god-like and special. Jesus pegged it rightly when he told this unbelieving world that the only sign they'd be given was Jonah. People are adopting this eastern spirituality at alarming rates, yet cannot see that it's as old as time and represents the weeding out of the harvest those who'd sooner worship and obey themselves as gods rather than their Creator.

Glory to God in the highest.
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