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Message Subject DMT, 2012, species wide brain damage, and ascension
Poster Handle 144,000
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The serpent doesn't come in red suit and horns. He comes as an angel of light. He is a liar, for there is no truth to be found. Man in quest for spiritual experiences and thrills reverts to ancient paganism which is building that tower to the heavens without the Creator. People in drug induced and brain dead mind clearing meditation end up worshipping and glorifying themselves in the process. Throughout these 'testimonies' on this thread, this is obvious. It's all about "I" and what "I experienced". There is zero glory to your Creator and only obsession with these experiences. What is more than obvious is that it leads to an obsession with the self as god-like and special. Jesus pegged it rightly when he told this unbelieving world that the only sign they'd be given was Jonah. People are adopting this eastern spirituality at alarming rates, yet cannot see that it's as old as time and represents the weeding out of the harvest those who'd sooner worship and obey themselves as gods rather than their Creator.

Glory to God in the highest.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28395881


Well, it is a view; and it's yours.

It's not my view, nor what I have learned.

There definitely is a malfuction at the junction between I and You, though.


Honor Thy Mother, Honor Thy Father, Honor Thyself.

There certainly is alot of misconception, and the necessary contextual framework is certainly lacking.

Very few have been to where they need to be within their selves to truly understand how it truly is.

The 'God' you speak of, created the source out of which the entirety emanates ... and exists outside of the structure which we exist within.

Their fingerprint exists at every level of the entirety.

The way I view the entirety is as an omni-dimensional multi-universal cosmosphere that mirrors the base creational geometry of the seed of life; or the book of genesis if you are oriented in that manner.

6 Days, or in my view; Universes - from a Buddhist vantagepoint 'Samsara Realms'. If you look into the Yezidi Mythos of the Peacock Angel (Lucifer), it is him as the central angel; with 6 angels accompanying him. This is also mirrored in the temple menorah, as well as the sumerian 7 tablets of creation.

It's pretty obvious that the genesis story also has to do with our diets and dietary restrictions. I think it is a misconception to view the serpent as either our enemy, or the enemy of the gods - or perhaps even the demiurge.

And I say 'Gods' in plural, because what we are dealing with as far as humanity is concerned seems to be other than solely dealing with the creators of the entirety within which we exist.

Pretty clear, we can not solve the dichotomy between evolution and creationism until the issue of the ''Elohim'' is dealt with, and exactly who they are - as well s perhaps the ''Stellar Ancestry of the Human Species'' involving genome modification + seemingly some of our cousins & interbreeding (perhaps from another world).

This should actually be quite clear to anyone based on the fact that the physiomorphologies upon this planet are based on a di-strand dna helix based matrix - a derivative of the original intended blueprint which is embedded within the template.

That as far as humanity is concerned, we haven't been dealing with those who created the entirety solely; perhaps children of the demiurge from elsewhere like we ourselves.

There is more to the story than either our sciences or religious structure have pieced back together in remembrance.

In order to form the clearest stance and gain the best vantagepoint, one has to be able to look at things from multiple vectors around a central focal axis. Even ones that may be in diametric opposition to whatever our predominant point of view is.

This central focal axis should be a conjunction between our hearts, higher minds and what I refer to as being the 'Soul Star' - which is essentially a multi-phase array - sort of circuitry that connects us directly to our star.

There is an ancient sacred circuit that exists, hyperspatially via fields within fields within fields; sort of like matryoshka dolls. In the same manner which infinite recursions can become manifest within a torsion field in essence.

But we have a very direct connection (in my view) to the source, which is the heart of creation; not solely at the solar or even galaxial levels. Our universe not having a center, as it rotates as part of a multi-universal cosmosphere; with 5 others - being spun out of the 144,000 faceted core.

Our consciousness are lenses as well as mirrors, which possess gyrospectrum capabiities; in otherwords they can be rotated not only left or right, up or down - but along every vector around that central axis spherically.

Much Love,
Kind Regards,
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