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Message Subject DMT, 2012, species wide brain damage, and ascension
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The "god" of the bible is a wrathfully ego-maniac from the upper regions of the realm of thought, the "fourth dimension" - whom feeds on worship like a drug.

HE has even gotten you to harness the human sacrifice of Christ consciousness...

Oh dear, the bible is also a rigged game which leads to demiurge worship, HE does not want to loose a single one...

HE tries so hard to convince you he is the creator of all things, "the devil" is tricky indeed, he has Christians, Muslims, Hindus, mainstream Buddhists, oh dear, all major religions have been usurped...

The real path is Christ-likeness period, no dogmas, no spiritual accessories, it is the same as it has always been...

Which crutch will you take? Until you are ready to be the middle way yourself?
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