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Message Subject Naked Man Protests TSA at Portland Airport
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What I find funny is that we still allow these goons to "secure" the airport. I swear to God the majority of Americans have lost their fucking balls to stand up and say enough is enough. They'll protest in the streets over a kid getting shot and killed though, but won't stand up to the TSA, instead they just turn the other cheek and smile. Fucking idiots. I'm seriously thinking of leaving this place.
 Quoting: Ahura Mazda

It's all so bizarre how people react to being fondled in public by strangers. I've seen people smile or, worse, with this "I'm a good sheeple-I have nothing to hide" expression that makes me puke. 'Course I always try to puke on a security guard standing anywhere near me.

I've seen people eager to interact with airport "security." Eager, I say. They want to prove they are "gooder" than you. It's nauseating.

Leaving is probably the best bet. We will shortly. hf
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