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Message Subject FACT: Kundalini, Reiki is a Demon! Don't Be Deceived!
Poster Handle Celt
Post Content
i hope you realize christianity is just paganism with some sugar on it and 666mg of ignorance.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10502338

Absolutely correct! Christianity was modelled to be an easy pill for the pagan tribes of Europe to swallow.

Opie, allow me to present a few facts.
Each christian holiday is stolen from a pagan rite/tradition.

Let's start the the Celtic New Yr. This would be Samhain, which falls roughly on the 1st of November. (It's all based on astrology, and yes, the pagans were very knowledgable about astology.) Samhain is the Celtic Festival of the Dead- it's purpose: to HONOUR the dead. (So, don't start slanderizing what you know nothing about.) You and most chrisitans celebrate this holiday as Halloween, though it is gradually being phased out and watered down. It took centeries to corrupt this pagan festival, and even still, there are those who still celebrate Samhain by the old traditions.

Next, Yule, otherwise known as Xmas. This holiday celebrated the Winter Solstice, which envolves the sun. It is the BIRTH of the SUN, you nitwit! Not the birth of som HUMAN! It was the return of light, the longest night, after which the days would grow longer.

I'm skipping over a few, but you're not likely to know much about the others. We come now to the Goddess Ester- she is a personification of the female energy of nature, the spring. Her symbols of FERTILITY were the rabbit and the egg. You know this as a very pointless christian holiday called Easter. Another stolen tradition.

What's it called, that catholic holiday in summer- lammas day or something...it is stolen from Lughnasadh, the summer solstice, the logest day, and was celebrated with games.

Now, I strongly advise you to start doing some heavy research into the true origins and history of the shit you're preaching, before you lead some innocent fool astray.
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