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Message Subject FACT: Kundalini, Reiki is a Demon! Don't Be Deceived!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I guess posters have lost objectivity completely, the ones who believe in their beloved practices want to say the topic is only about fear of unknown and, on the other hand, the usual Christians believe Kundalini is the same thing as Reiki and other stuff. We outta pay attention. There are people who have given testimony of their OWN real experiences which some here prefer to disregard as nothing. People who used to practice that sort of thing and were eventually anti-Christian and LATER ON BECAME CHRISTIANS due to these attacks and not just the other way around, not just people with mere "theories".

A common denominator is the healing which afterwards become a real pain in the life of the healer! It's not just about passing energy via hands like superficial likeness of treatment between Christ and his disciples what worries me but MAINLY WHAT SORT OF ENERGY ARE WE DEALING HERE. That's the issue. Perhaps some former Reiki practicioners would like to quote the names of the entities involved. I heard Nabu or Nebu in one of the youtube interviews? I mean, what's the origin of that thing. Let's suppose is Japanese, is it related to a pagan creature worshipped in Japan or what and who? Interesting is in one of the interviews the woman said she was really healing and seeing things but then things started to change and she saw little sort of aliens and she had to put a "device' in the ass of people and scanning..... and in my research I've found out the gray Ets is part of a psycho phenomena that started in specific data and the experiences are often at night or are remembered under hypnose due to the trauma. Many UFO "contacted ones" do practice things which belong to occult like automatic reading, mediunism and so on.

Now, Kundalini is something else.
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