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Message Subject FACT: Kundalini, Reiki is a Demon! Don't Be Deceived!
Poster Handle AAONMS
Post Content
Lisa dear, God gives us power over all the powers, even over the powers that demons have.

Nothing is evil of itself, but if the believer thinks it is evil, then to him/her it is evil.

There are many powers in the universe, and just as many within us.
Let only the Spirit of the Creator/Christ guide you.

The modern Church is the enemy of God, the doctrines they teach are designed to take you away from God to make you stumble and not quite get it. SUBMIT.. my word..

The power of the Spirit of Christ is to reveal his truth, and guide you carefully through the treacherous path we walk.

The personhood of Christ is a real being, it has complete control over the universe, Christ Melchizedek can transform reality in the twinkling of an eye, He can teleport, he can do anything. AS MOTHER MARY AND HER GOSPEL REVELED..REMOVED FROM THE BIBLE during the council of Nicea "the lost 40 days."

This is how he comes to us, how each of us will see him.

The Bible was written by men inspired by God with Satan carefully crafting words that made God look evil.
But God's true Light still shines through.

Christ is the manifestation of God in the physical world, as God is a Spirit. God is a Love/Light radiation, evil is disharmony.
It does exist, and in an equal balanced universe it must have a place.

I see your heart and many others who respond with you.
They are yearning for Him, He is already within you.
Respond with only Love, that is His nature.

Embrace the full universe and discord will fall away naturally, it has no attunement with the music of E Heh E Yeh, that is God's name.
 Quoting: Kieri

THIS COMMENT IS EXCELLENT! Kieri speaks with the voice (I AM) of connection and balance! It is the NEW WAY. To Lisa..I can agree that many occult paths taken by those not guided by the heart of GOD are the product of the Dark Forces..and many in Christianity understand this.. but DO NOT take it all as Evil because THEY (Priests, Pastors, Popes) told you so.. Think for yourself, be connected to GOD within. Why did the Church become the middle man in the first place? To control and instill fear in the Peasants. The Church had been aligned with the Monarchy for the first 1000 years after Christ walked the Earth Plane. Remember the INQUISITION? So much of what is TRUE has been hidden.. so we have to SEEK not just BELIEVE! Balance as this poster stated is the KEY and those of us that are and have sought Clarity, Centeredness and Christ Consciousness continue to see the way without the Christian Church to guide us. The Truth is that we CAN communicate directly with GOD.. WITHOUT ANY structure or limits. Go to Church for community, but know God is much more than four walls and a Pulpit.
 Quoting: WhiteLight

double this ^^ ^^ !!!!!!!!!
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