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Message Subject FACT: Kundalini, Reiki is a Demon! Don't Be Deceived!
Poster Handle Celt
Post Content
I tend to ignore those that put up a wall of biblical text. It proves they cannot think critically.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14734726

Answer "critically" and objectively the godamn question if you know the answer: what are the entities summoned during Reiki ritual and the question is done to every single CLOWN here that critizes O.P without knowing the Bible and without knowing occultism either or the difference between Christ and "Christianity façade".
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14472705

It's not necessary to summon entities! Entities, afterall, including your false christian god, are mere personifications of the forces of nature or concepts! When I meditate, Astral project, practice yoga (which involves kundalini) or practice Thai massage, I do not summon any dieties/entities! I personally draw my energy directly from the earth or water. I suppose a fool like you will now claim the earth and water are demons of the devil...well, go shout at a brick wall, for your ignorance holds no power over those of us who use our brains and feel from our souls!
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