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Message Subject FACT: Kundalini, Reiki is a Demon! Don't Be Deceived!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Jesus is God because God created him out of his OWN energy, a part of himself the way a mother grows a baby from her own body and cells, while creating the rest of our souls out an energy seperate from himself. This is the great mystery of how Jesus can both be (a part of) God yet also be a seperate entity under his father's command. And how Jesus can be Gods only BEGOTTEN (literally OF Himself) child, while the rest of us are ALSO still his children.

Seek wisdom and understanding BEHIND the legalistic, literal wordings of the Bible. The Bible is written in parables and mystery so only those who have the Holy Spirit can comprehend what it MEANS and not just what it literally SAYS. The Holy Spirit of God is the key to everything.
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