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Message Subject FACT: Kundalini, Reiki is a Demon! Don't Be Deceived!
Poster Handle Doomwaffles
Post Content
The mindset that fueled the Crusades is still very much alive and well. That mindset, which is to eliminate (fight against) that which behaves differently from the cultural norm, might not be as gruesome as the bloody massacres that took place on the battlefields of yore, but can people be wounded by the subtle judgements of others over this digital battlefield? I see it in these kinds of threads here and there.

If you're wounding others in this way, it means that your ego has control of your mind. It's a self check and a self assessment that is required to recognized and heal this kind of behavior.

Gods Creation isn't an either/or deal. It's ALL inclusive, not exclusive. He didn't set it up so that people who were born in the West had the advantage and that those who were born in the East were at a disadvantage. Why would God favor one geography over the other? The truth is, is that the spirit and meaning of the teachings of Christ manifest in other cultures. It may manifest with different words and different symbols, but if you let fear of that which is different from YOUR norm lead you (your ego), you're going to miss the point AND the opportunity to 'seek him out' as per what the Bible instructs us to do.


 Quoting: BOWMAN

I only partially agree
If christian values manifest in other cultures, some of wich have existed before christianity itself ...then how can they be christian values ?
 Quoting: Doomwaffles

That's not what I said though.

Remember, there was no such thing as 'Christianity' in the time when Christ was teaching.

One of the more important lessons he attempted to teach, was to not allow anyone to get between yourself and God. Yet, that's EXACTLY what a part of the role of religion does.

 Quoting: BOWMAN

I suppose religion wishes to be the middle man, the conduit between man and God
Because religions have their spokespeople, every religion has their spokespeople, who may even have their own agenda that may be far from pious.
I understand that. That is why it is better to enclose religion in your heart, if you adhere to one instead of the word by its spokespeople. Some even believe every word that comes out of their own mouths, as long as they have an audience.
I try ... try very hard, not to judge people by their religion, but that does not mean I don't question some religion in itself. Wich then gets taken as a personal attack on who ever is currently advocating said religion (any religion).

I personally prefer to think of it that every human being as wishes for him or herself : don't get killed, prosper , be happy and when possible, extend that luck to your own family and loved ones.
Wich I find noble goals. But one mans freedom is another mans prison.
When all are coming to the table, speaking from their hearts rather than their wallet ... it would be an ideal world.

I was ranting

you did make an excellent point
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