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Message Subject FACT: Kundalini, Reiki is a Demon! Don't Be Deceived!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Earlier today when I was working out I felt an unusual pain in my upper back/shoulder area. So I did an emotion code healing on myself - which removes trapped emotions.

I check myself for trapped negative emotions every week - they are thought to fester and cause all kinds of pains that can grow into disease and cancer.

anyway I muscle tested and got that it was conflict.
so I removed the trapped emotion conflict.

I asked if there are anymore trapped emotions and found a trapped emotion of

which I have never found on myself before

but it wasnt mine, it didnt belong to me, it was generated by someone on GLP.

I have removed the trapped emotion HATE - FROM ME

well this is the only thread I have been on today, so if this hate has caused me to feel a slight pain, OMG what is it doing to the person who created it, who is sitting there reading these threads seething with such emotion?!

you can bs me all you want, but my pain is gone. How are you doing?

Please stop with the negative emotions and fill up with LOVE before your body cant take any more...
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