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2012 Nuclear WW3 Predcition in Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol

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04/20/2012 12:41 PM
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2012 Nuclear WW3 Predcition in Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol

I'll show you that Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol actually contains a clear prediction of the 2012 coming nuclear WW3.

The vilain of the movie called Kurt Hendrix aka Cobolt plans to launch a nuclear missile on the USA in the name of the russians, he tries to make think each party (USA & Russia) that they are being attacked by each others in order to make them use their nuclear weapons as legitimate defense. His ultimate goal is to trig a world wide nuclear war in order to finally bring peace to all humanity.

First of all, the scenario of the movie is very similar of what is going on with the on going escalations between the USA and their allies, against Russia, China, Iran and the Arab countries....the devils are orchestrating the appropriate false flag operations (false flag terrorist attacks, religious conflicts induced and hyped, arab spring 100% sponsored, World economic crisis, upheavals worldwide, protests against the banksters and governments worlwide... ) in order to justify WW3. It seems more than likely that the devils want to provoke a nuclear terrorist attack (maybe during the June 2012 London Olympic Games or on the US ground and they will blame Iran...or maybe it will start through a conflict opposing Iran to Israel...or maybe it will be trigged through the military intervention in Syria...no matter the trigger, the objective remains the same) or something like that in order to provoke a chain reaction which will lead to a worlwide nuclear war. It seems that this scenario has been planned for 2012, so be prepared...

Now, let's take come back to Mission Impossible 4, focus on the vilain name: Kurt Hendrix, aka Cobalt.

Colbat is an atom which atomic number is 27.

27 is well know to be the number of completion, the finished work.
27 is also well known to be a number of death, the 27 Club illustrates this fact with a huge number of stars assassinated at the age of 27 through a cult of death.
27 is also known as a number of Satan, 27 = 3 * 3 * 3 = 3^3
In base 10, 27 is a Smith number and a Harshad number.
27 is the 28th (and 29th) digit in π. If you start counting with 0 it is considered one of few Self-Locating strings in pi.
PI is well known to be one of the names of Satan


The vilain name is Kurt Hendrix, Jimmi Hendrix is part of the 27 Club, he was also assassinated at the age of 27.

So the reference to 27 is not a coïncidence.

In short, 27 is the number of the finished work, 27 is the number of death, 27 is the number of Satan.

Given the context which refers to 27 in the movie Mission Impossible 4, the deceiphered message would be:

"Satan is to bring death through a worlwide nuclear war in order to finish the job"

Cobalt is pronounced KOH Bolt.

KOH are the initials of Knight of Heaven which is another name for the jinns, aliens, devils, sons of satan...ennemies of humanity.

"Coïncidely", KOH also refers to Gundam Wing, a well known manga, and another coïncidence is that the last episode of Gundam Wing is the episode 27 and is about the destruction of the earth through a final battle between good and evil.

Another "coïncidence" is the 2012 season of KOH Lanta, a french show, which has been entitled "the Return of the Heroes"...the jinns, devils, aliens often call themselves "heroes".

Finally the word "Bolt", like the movie "Bolt" or the unhuman Hussein Bolt (who is certainly one of these aliens, jinns, demons under human shape).

If we combine the previous definitions, KOH BOLT would mean: the trap of the jinns, aliens, devils is locked.

The movie also refers to Jupiter, Saturn and Venus, 3 planets often related with Satan and highly symbologic.

Soon, you'll live a total chaos, you'll have no other ally and protector than God HIMSELF....if you repent and invoke God ALONE without calling beside Him any god, helper, teacher, master, jinn, devil, demon, ascended master, imam, preist, rabbi, guru, alien, prophet, saint, sons...and if you stop your injustice and obey the Law of Allah, God Almighty, the Quran, then you'll be safe, otherwise, be prepared for your final destruction, a painful punishment on earth which will open to you AN ETERNAL & PERMANENT PUNISHMENT in the flames of hell...I am a fair warner from God to you, God does not punish the people before warning them, be reasonable, surrender to your Creator and stop your injustice and betrayal and do not follow the foosteps of your worst ennemies, the devils, jinns, aliens, extraterrestrials....you'll offer a service to yourself...elsewhere you'll only desserve YOURLSEF.