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Why multi-cultural nations don't have that feeling of united brotherhood?

Anonymous Coward
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04/21/2012 05:28 AM
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Why multi-cultural nations don't have that feeling of united brotherhood?
Department of Psychology at the University of Leicester research group to investigate the behavior of organisms, and according to the results of all the organisms that people do prefer to cooperate with those who are genetically close to him.

Willingness to cooperate does not include only close relatives, but all the organisms that are genetically similar to organisms themselves. Study leader Professor Andrew Colman of the research to explain darwinistic "survival of the fittest" model contained in the problem of altruism. The survey results also help explain why a multi-cultural states have not been able to build the same kind of sense of community as racially close. Genetically heterogeneous population structure leads to increasing numbers of citizens to exclusion as well as an increase in violence.

Computer modeling and mathematical analysis using the group studied a similar preference to develop rapidly and spontaneously in populations who had not previously been specifically weighed of conduct.

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