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Message Subject ***BIG EARTH CHANGES*** Solar poles to become quadrupolar in May!
Poster Handle Rain-Man
Post Content
The Sun Does a Flip, long time ago was predicted that will happen in 2012 ..

"The Sun's magnetic poles will remain as they are now, with the north magnetic pole pointing through the Sun's southern hemisphere, until the year 2012 when they will reverse again. This transition happens, as far as we know, at the peak of every 11-year sunspot cycle -- like clockwork."

[link to science.nasa.gov]

I can't find more information for the exact time of flip unless this link, they say other institutes confirm will be May but that's not true ..

Thread: Sun During Magnetic Field Reversals

Also next 55 days or May will be very dangerous for strong seizmic and volcano activity ..

Strongest activity period expected in this year, from 10 April to 12 June ..

Thread: Most Dangerous Time for Strong Earthquakes in 2012, Super Full Moon, Alignment of Earth-Sun-Jupiter, Venus Transit, Solar Eclipse over USA & JP
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