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California Earthquake/Flooding/ARKstorm dream

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 9730961
United States
04/21/2012 12:07 PM
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California Earthquake/Flooding/ARKstorm dream
I had a dream a few nights ago when i was in the middle of a 3 day water fast.

I had been praying for dreams from God to help confirm some events that I believe are soon to occur.

My dream was as follows:

I was in a car with my mother and sister and we were driving away from our old house that is in one of the vallys of southern california. There was about 3 feet of water EVERYWHERE. No rain, just massive flooding as far as you could see. I was concerned that we couldnt drive through, but my moms car managed to drive through it. I then pulled out my phone and looked at the screen (iphone) and saw a USGS map of southern california. There where indications of 2 medium sized earthquakes (4.0-5.0) and then a voice loudly echoed in my head 'THE SAME WILL HAPPEN HERE AS IT DID IN JAPAN' after this i felt very uneasy and i told my mother that we needed to leave california as soon as possible becasue the big one was about to hit. i woke up right after.

im not sure, but i believed japan was hit with a smaller EQ the day before the 9.0. so i took this as a warning. what gets me is the 3ft of water flooding southern california... an ARKstorm perhaps? Wanted to get this out in the open becasue I want to hear what other GLPrs have top say or think.

God bless.