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Message Subject Government workers shouldn't have to pay taxes
Poster Handle GodFrequency
Post Content
Damn your a dipshit!

Do you not understand where the taxes go?

Do you not understand that isn't your money, but the money of those who run the Federal Reserve, they only lent it to the government with interest, and of coarse you're going to pay taxes on it, because you are a slave just like the rest of us! It even says on the back of the debt notes you pass, FEDERAL RESERVE! Can you not read plain English, or is the only eyes open the one single eye sitting on top of the fucking pyramid on the back of it. How ironic is that, that the worlds largest pyramid scheme has a picture of a pyramid.

Holy Shit, I can't believe you are such a big dumbass to believe that taxes have anything to do with running this big pile of government shit, this thing is designed to collapse.

There are only 131,000,000 or 131 million workers.
40,000,000 or 40 million are government employed directly, or government contracted, nonetheless these aren't really employed people, these are Governments cost for doing business, and therefore a drain on everyone that actually works to manufacture, produce, create, or service something.

That means for every working citizen in the United States, there share of the national debt is well over 1.5 million dollars with the current debt that our government has, and it's only growing. How is that possible.

All of this in a country whose prosperity, and greatest source of income is consumption! How are we supposed to consume if we're unemployed! 72% of our economy is consumption based. Like dominoes falling, less jobs, less consumers, less consumers, less jobs.

Our second biggest industry, if not the biggest, BANKING, yes we are going to bank our way into prosperity.

Why should anyone pay, whenever the entire tax revenue paid in by the American public isn't even enough to cover the social programs. Welfare, unemployment, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, etc. etc. etc.

If the government can create money out of thin air backed by nothing, hell, why should any of us pay? Why not just print a little bit up for all of us, the way they do the big banks on wall street. Shit, I could run a business too if they just kept shoveling piles of cash on my desk every day I walked in.

This party is fixing to come to an end, I will be extremely happy to see all of the non productive members of society that have lived off of the working class like parasites finally figure that out.

If you don't believe it's coming to an end, just look at what the once free government is morphing it's self into. You will be free and safe behind the prison they are constructing.
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