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Message Subject Government workers shouldn't have to pay taxes
Poster Handle GodFrequency
Post Content
Post office is bankrupt
FDIC is out of money
municipalities nation wide bankrupt
department of transportation a failure
department of labor, ha, obviously a failure
social security running in the red over a year ago, a failure
medicare, out of money another failure
the entire government swimming in a sea of red ink, Uncle Sam is Bankrupt.
We are our own largest buyer of our treasuries, we can't even borrow from others anymore, so we're kiting checks to ourselves.
States from sea to shining sea, bankrupt.
Gold in Fort Knox is gone
Amtrak Bankrupt
NASA going bankrupt
47million plus people on food stamps
Trade deficits for the last 30 years!
Even the mighty Federal Reserve Bank, lent spent or borrowed over 16 trillion dollars, an amount greater, or equal to the entire national debt within the last couple of years. Much of that money was sent to foreign banks, and foreign governments, not to bail them out as most would like to think, but to bribe other nations to hang on to and stay with the dollar.

And the nightmare, of all nightmares, the rest of the world isn't not only buying our treasuries, but they're dumping the dollar, and then the party really comes to an end! Kiss you're gumment job goodbye!

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