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Message Subject mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....fig newtons
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
All those years ago, I wanted tattoos, just so I could be cool like everybody else.

Even though I knew better, even though something about me didn't want them, I still took the marks.

On my right shoulder I got a Templar cross with a death's head.

[link to worthopedia.s3.amazonaws.com]

Under that, a Torii gate

[link to msgboard.snopes.com]

On my left side, I have a monkey skeleton giving itself a facepalm.

Below that a peace sign.

Star on top of my left foot.

... ...I see now they are there for a reason.

A few years ago, someone stopped me on the street and gave me a business card, I was out drinking with friends.

He said " hang on to this ", and even though I usually don't hang on to things long, I kept it.

It said:
The bearer of this card is a
Genuine and authorized
~ POPE ~
So please treat Him/Her right

Every man woman and child on this Earth is a
genuine and authorized Pope

A = POPE = is someone who is not under
the authority of the authorities.

Or, think about the swimtrunks in my photos on my blog, covered in dice, my mother bought them for me when I was a child.

Everything is already in place, and my time has stopped.

Yours can too

All the locks, clocks, dollars, keys, flags, books, all the very things that frame your boxes, can all fall by the wayside.

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