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Message Subject mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....fig newtons
Poster Handle Dark Lord Nexus
Post Content
Intolerant religious people may be happy I'm here, realized, but not when they find out I'm not on their side.

You may feel this is a cold hard lesson, and you may want to deny it, but it's just how it is.

You are either standing with me or against me, but I will offer my hand in friendship, and you will make the choice you choose.

Are you for yourself or against yourself? Even if you have formed your own cult of personality, it is still a religion, false as it may be. Does your religious intolerance towards religious people cause you conflict with the part of you that is intolerant towards intolerant religious people?

Every lyric in every song is my word to you. hf

Then, unwitting puppet of Lucifer, the Bird is my Word to you.

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