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Message Subject mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....fig newtons
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
maybe you should join the God complex club we have around here.

new age messiah
the nobody
new jerusalem russ

and now isaac

am i missing anyone?
 Quoting: 714

The only thing you are missing is what's right in front of your face.

Your illusion of being separated from the godhead is all entirely your choice.

I've given you the information and I'll continue to do so, and if you choose to ignore it, then when you ask why, I will tell that I tried to tell you, but you turned away from me.

I won't ever turn away from you.

You are surrounded by god and don't even know it.

dejalo a ver si el gas pela o no pela cool2

Every lyric, you'd do yourselves wise to tune into what I telling you.

I have every sigil in the multiverse at my hands.

I'm here to either manifest something you've never seen in your worst nightmares, or I am here to make your dreams come true.

And that's a fact Jack.

July 23rd is how long you have to make a choice for once and all.

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